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Gearbest offers several benefits for their users and makes sure to stick with their services to satisfy them. Here are some of the benefits offered by Gearbest.

Gearbest has it all

When you purchase something from Gearbest, you can expect the best quality and services without doubt. Here are some reasons why you will also fall in love with the company. is proud to be associated with Gearbest.

1.  Premium Quality Products

Dealers on Gearbest are picked via a pro rating system and improve the quality of items. Through their detailed control of quality, all items are certain to be original or genuine.

Gearbest goes through five stages of CITST quality control, Check, Inspect, Test, Spot-check, and Track. Going through the process to make sure all items in store go through the same quality standard and meet user requirements.

2.  Pocket Friendly Prices

You can purchase directly from Gearbest at the best prices. The process is supported by premium supply chains of Globalgrow and self-dealing. Gearbest has benefits and is independent in case of pricing, as the platform is providing pocket friendly items with good quality to all users worldwide.

3.  Multiple Brands

Gearbest operates and works with above 5,000 well-known Chinese makers and top dealers, which also includes 1000+ companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Lenovo. Besides that, above 1 million units are stored for Gearbest online store, and more than 1,000 items are shown on new arrivals every day, giving big access for shopping to users. All that needs to be done is adding Gearbest discount code to reduce the total amount.

4.  Delivery Services

Gearbest offers the best delivery services that are affordable and reasonable either covering above 200 countries and different regions, most of the countries and regions enjoy free delivery on their doorstep. Delivery services like EMS, DHL, and FedEx are available for Gearbest.

With their special line delivery, your order can be received within five days in eco-friendly packaging, and shockproof. The customer can also track their shipment to know where their order is.

5.  Warehouses Worldwide

Gearbest has around 46 storehouses worldwide, the storehouses are situated in England, the USA, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, etc. Because of its warehouses worldwide it assists in delivering the items fast as it can and provide effective and appropriate after-sales services for international users.

6.  Payment Security

Shopping on Gearbest is easiest, secure, and fast. To make an easy lifestyle, Gearbest accepts multiple methods for payment planned to be secure and friendly. While shopping at Gearbest, user confidentiality and security is always assured.

For International payments, only PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and Wire transfers are accepted. Whereas for local payments there are multiple options available for example WebMoney, OXXO, giropay, Yandex, Alfa-Bank, VISA, MasterCard, and several others.

7.  Services after-sales

Gearbest wants its users to love the products purchased from Gearbest, as all products and items are inspected by quality control. Gearbest provides warranties to make sure for users to get the best experience for gadgets they purchased.

There are many items purchased that don’t include a warranty. In case any user wants to return the product without any reason, make sure to do it within 30 days. For products that are having quality problems can be refunded within 45 days. Gearbest also offers a free repair warranty for one year.

Gearbest customer service is 24 hours available and 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where does Gearbest deliver to?

Users can get their orders delivered to any country in the world. Goods are directly sent from Gearbest storehouse by courier services and delivered to your doorstep

  1. Can Gearbest deliver to remote areas?

No matter where you are, Gearbest will always make sure to deliver the product to the user.

There are some cases where DHL or FedEx may charge you for remote areas. It doesn’t happen often but is possible when the user delivery address is not closer to logistics centers.

If that happens and the user’s shipping address is not closer to the logistics center and in a remote area, Gearbest will most probably contact the user to resolve the issue. The buyer will have to pay an additional 30 dollars to cover the fees for remote areas.

  1. Can a user pay Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Sadly no, Gearbest does not accept payment in cash only in advance. Users can use their safe methods for payments to pay for their orders.

  1. What if the product delivered is broken?

If a user receives an order and it’s broken, then no need to be worried as their item is under the Gearbest warranty.

  1. Supposing the item is under warranty and was not physically damaged by the user, it can be returned to Gearbest and they’ll fix it.
  2. All cases with return products come under the Return merchandise authorization policy (RMA): Always consult with customer support before sending back your products for return.
  3. Define the Gearbest wallet and its advantages?

Gearbest wallet is a safe and quick payment method, making it easier for users to stay updated with their account shopping transactions. There are several advantages offered by Gearbest for using their wallet, here are some of them.

  • By using Gearbest wallet, the user’s account info remains hundred percent safe and confidential.
  • Users will easily become acquainted with their User-friendly interface within a few minutes.
  • Gearbest wallet is provided to users to assist them to control their money and manage their transactions. Checking your history and details on transactions is easiest via Gearbest wallet.
  • If a user decides to keep their refund in the Gearbest wallet, they will get free Gearbest points to save more cash.

For Gearbest card holders, refunds will be prioritized and will be sorted within 1-2 business days.

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