NOD3x , Your Partner in Data Discovery

NOD3x begins collecting your data, we bring key insights to your attention that help you further refine your understanding of how people are engaging with your topic. The more refined this becomes, the better positioned you are to penetrate your chosen market. Throughout the process you have opportunities to train NOD3x. Think of NOD3x as your partner in data discovery, and the engine driving your social network success.

Brand Monitoring, Social Listening & Sentiment Analysis

Develop an online presence that engages and conversations around your brand will occur. Then the challenge is then to keep in touch with the people that engage with you! The task of brand monitoring and social listening can be difficult, if not impossible, without the aid of a specialized tool like NOD3x.

Viral Campaign Engine

With viral content, the numbers of people who see your content grows exponentially, and the costs associated with producing that content is reduced significantly. No one can guarantee a viral campaign, however NOD3x is designed to help your content campaigns go viral on a more consistent basis.

Influencer Analysis and Identification

NOD3x automatically begins identifying influencers from the moment you start a new project. Influencers are ranked using the three Rs of influence, which are: Reach, Relevance and Resonance. Reach refers to how many people are in an audience, relevance calculates how closely related posts and content are to your project topic, and resonance is a measure of how much activity the content of a potential influencer is getting within their network.

What is NOD3x and why was it developed?

NOD3x is a tool for social discovery, making social network analysis more accessible and useful than ever before. With expanding networks across multiple platforms, remaining connected has never been more important for you and your business. However, remaining connected has also never been more complex.
NOD3x is able to take your complex connections, analyses them and present you with the kind of key information you need to remain competitive.
Key information includes:
who is influential within your chosen topic area
who is engaging your niche
what words are people using when discussing your chosen topic
when is your topic seeing the most engagement
where are people talking about your content
how are people engaging

Having this kind of information enables you to join the conversation with the right people, at the right time, with the right words and on the right networks. NOD3x gives you the resources necessary to leverage your time and activity effectively.

Understand Semantic Relationships

You’ll never need to make generic assumptions again!

Profile and brand page insights
Understanding how people interact with your profiles and pages can help you gain insights into your network. For example, by identifying who is engaging the most with your content and brand, you’ll be able to develop brand evangelists. Other information surrounding your content and brand pages such as +1s, likes, comments and shares will also be available to you, and NOD3x will help you see potential improvements to help build overall network stability. NOD3x will also show you the type of content that is most resonating with your audience. If you take this resonant content information, you will be able to create and provide more of the type of content that your audience prefers to engage with.
What are the best days and times to share content?

Understanding when your topic receives the most engagement is invaluable information. NOD3x will quickly show you the best days and times to share your content. Matching content with the day and time it is receiving the most engagement within a network can significantly improve its overall reach. When your content reach is improved, so too is your return on investment. We’ve put the many features of NOD3x together to provide you with a powerful social discovery tool. Using NOD3x will improve your content campaigns, help you connect with influencers, build your reputation, extend your reach online and much more. To get the full benefits of our tool, we welcome you to visit us in the NOD3x Help, Support and Insights community on Google+.

Identify Influencers & Engagers

NOD3x will help you quickly identify influencers and key engagers within your chosen niche. Our algorithms take care of the heavy lifting, leaving you free to engage the right people. Being active with influencers and key engagers helps extend your reach, build your influence and become valued within your relevant communities.

Detailed Topic Discussion Insights

Use NOD3x to discover key elements within your niche. These elements include: which hashtags will bring you the most engagement, which days and times of the week your content will see the most activity, and what words people are using most when discussing your specific topic. Having topically relevant information will dramatically improve the speed you achieve your goals.

Real-Time Infographics

Each component of the NOD3x platform is designed to provide real-time infographic information. With up to the minute graphical representations of your information, you will be able to respond effectively to expanding networks. We take your complex data, turn it into understandable visual representations and we do this in real time because the conversation is happening right now.

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