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About Cloudways

We know what you are thinking? Is Cloudways really worth it? You might have heard that Cloudways is a hosting company that allows you to do web hosting with a strong support team. This incredibly managed cloud hosting is appreciated by the audience for a long time now.

The best in business

They provide secure managed cloud hosting, they have 5 providers with 50-60 data centers that can be used from anywhere in the world. The company Cloudways server is proud to display its state of ark service, without any hidden charges. They also provide a free trial just in case you want to migrate from your previous hosting websites. Now this is a deal we can be behind, isn’t it? Now that you know this a web hosting cloud provider is the best-managed cloud hosting. Here are some reasons that help them stay on top.

Benefits of Cloudways managed cloud hosting

Cloudways have been making its mark in the industry for some time now due to their excellent web hosting techniques. They are a variety of hosting plans that can be availed with maximum discount.

Multiple choices at Cloudways

Cloudways web hosting allows you to make multiple choices for your server. You are free to make as many changes as you want with the incredible amount of choices. With Cloudways you are given the luxury of freedom.

Free trial migration

The company Cloudways offers a free trial for migration from your existing web hosting server. This means that you don’t have to worry about migrating with losing your server data. Now you do free website migration to the best-managed hosting plans.

Easy migration

Cloudways does all the work for you, you simply have to mention your website and the customer support team will deal with the rest. You wouldn’t have to worry about your website’s data because the support team takes care of it. That brings us to our next point!

Exceptional 24/7 assistance team

Most of the customers of the web hosting websites complain about the awful customer support provided by companies. But with the Cloudways support team, you will always be guided with patience and respect. The hosting provider’s team is highly professional and trained individuals that help the customers with their issues. The team is available 24/7, which means you can very well get services any time of the day or night. You can change your Cloudways plans in the middle of the night as well with live chat support. This luxury of freedom is what attracts more customers to get Cloudways for their web hosting plans.

Around 13 applications are available for Cloudways hosting

Cloudways hosting plans have a variety of web hosting applications for a content management system, e-commerce, and hypertext preprocessor. Some of the applications need to be installed and others are readily available on Cloudways hosting. You choose from these 13 applications:
  1. OpenCart
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla
  4. PrestaShop
  5. Yii
  6. Yii 2
  7. osCommerce
  8. Symfony 3
  9. Codeigniter
  10. CakePHP
  11. ProcessWire
  12. Zen Cart
  13. X-Cart

Security at Cloudways

Cloudways takes the security of your data and your client’s data gravely. The main objective of your we

They have dedicated firewalls

All Cloudways hosted servers are protected by dedicated firewalls that protect the network from faulty access and other security threats. Basically, these firewalls keep the intruders out.

SSL certification set up for your webpage

Due to this reason, Cloudways have made SSL set up a lot easier by adding free SSL installation. No matter the hosting platform and or cloud server used, you can get free SSL installation for Cloudways servers.

But why do you need SSL certification for your webpage?

Security is the utmost priority these days, from credit card details to other personal information should be kept private by a company’s website. The certification provides confidence in your customers trusting your website with their sensitive information.

Control over server

With Cloudways you can have control over your server. You pick up the options you want for your hosting server and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything else.

Eases your work management

With Cloudways you receive easy management of your web hosting. You wouldn’t have to worry about a lot since the Cloudways team manages most of the work. The cloud server allows you to be less stressed about your webpage.

Backup and restoring information through one click

We all need that assurance that our data from the server will not be lost in case of errors and other issues. Cloudways recognizes this weak link and fixed it by creating an offsite location for data restoration and revert. All you need to do is click on the on-demand backups button created solely for this purpose.

Choose your platform

Did you know that your Cloudways account allows you to choose different platforms for your web hosting; Digital ocean, Google Cloud, Vultr, Linode, and KYUP. This means that your monthly hosting spending is providing you with multiple platforms for web hosting.

Performance of Cloudways

The performance of your webpage can be increased immediately with Cloudways. With just some changes or tweaks you will optimize the speed and images of your webpage.

Images step up

You can now improve the quality of your images with the simple activation of Cloudflare. The add-on is available for you to make the optimization easier.

Mobile optimization

You want your user to have a good experience when loading your webpage from their mobile devices. Therefore you want a cloud server that will do instant mobile optimization.

Any network supported servers

At Cloudways, the servers can support almost any network and that means that the speed increases, making the communication between you and your clients smoother!

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Use Cloudways promo code for multiple platforms

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Highly functional alert systems on new Cloudways account

Starting off with a hosting service means that you are overwhelmed with tons of features and information. You don’t know how to detect issues and problems within the webpage. When you get a new Cloudways account, you are under the care of cloud server that gives you alerts. These alerts can include new updates, features, or problems that can pop up any time.

Cloud platforms at an affordable price

You can now get Cloudways server at affordable prices with our coupons. You can get the best service for web hosting without having to spend a fortune. Now, this is a deal everybody can get behind. Everyone and anyone who wants to get their hands on exceptional cloud servers at good prices can use our coupons. These coupons can get you up to 50 percent off on your purchase.

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